Winter Classes

*All classes can be changed or cancelled due to enrollment.
*All rec classes are 1x a week
*Signed waivers are REQUIRED for any child to participate.
*ANNUAL membership fee due EVERY September, or for new enrolled gymnasts. Single child $40, Family $60
*10% off for siblings

Winter Classes Start November 26th and go through the week of February 22nd

Little Chalkies: (18mo-3yrs) 5:30-6pm
(Children LOVE to see their parents participate in the Little Chalkies
class! What a GREAT way for you and your child to BOND and enjoy
laughs and make memories together.
Parents: Children enrolled in ChalkDusters and ChalkTot’s MUST be
fully Potty Trained. Parents must stay for these classes for restroom needs of your child.)
ChalkTot’s 1: (Ages 3&4yrs) 5pm-5:45
ChalkTot’s 2: (Advanced 4&5yrs) 4:30-5:15
Beginner: (Ages 6-8 yrs) 6pm-6:55
Intermediate 2: (Invite only) 5:30-7pm

Only Tumbling: 5:30pm-6:30pm

ChalkDusters: (Ages 2&3) 3pm-3:45
ChalkTots 1: (Ages 3&4) 4pm-4:45pm
ChalkTots 2: (Ages 4&5) 4:30pm-5:15
Beginner: (Ages 6-8yrs) 5pm-5:55pm
Beginner: (Ages 8-10yrs) 6pm-6:55pm
Intermediate 1: (Invite only) 5-5:55pm

Spyder Monkeyz Fridays:
Beginners: 4:45pm-5:30pm
Intermediate: 5:45pm-6:45pm

TEAM: (By Invite ONLY)
Hot Shots: Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm
Tiny Team: Tuesdays 5pm-6:30pm
Pre-Team: Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-5:30
Xcel Bronze/Level 1&2:
Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-6pm
Xcel Silver & Gold/Level 3&4:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm-7pm
Xcel Platinum & Diamond/Level 5-7:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30pm-7pm
Friday 4pm-6pm
Level 8-10:
Monday-Friday 3:30pm-7pm