Kevin Tabaczka

Kevin is part of the Chalkheadz team that instructs those who want to learn how to move and control their bodies in new and really cool ways!  As a kid and young adult he was very active in the martial arts, bikes, skateboards and rollerblades to name a few. When moving onto college he found club gymnastics at CMU, where he was able to learn new skills and train regularly. Not really the competition-type, Kevin is motivated more by fun, freedom and fitness!   He recently has been brushing up on Parkour and tumbling skills, while integrating calisthenics and flexibility training into his regimen. Kevin is a doctor of physical therapy and a fellowship-trained orthopedic manual physical therapist with over 15 years of experience. Aside from evaluating and managing the human body’s quirks he enjoys opportunities helping all ages of people to stay moving, seek opportunities to learn new and unique skills and do so in a safe, fun and energetic environment!