ChalkheadZ Classes

Recreational Classes:

We offer basic gymnastic classes for the beginner, to classes for the advanced gymnast.
Students are periodically tested on skills to determine their appropriate placement.
Girls will learn skills on the Bars, Beam, Spring Floor, Vault and will use the Tumble Track for learning new skills.

Boys will learn skills on Parallel Bars, High Bar, Floor, Rings, and Pommel Horse (mushroom), and will use Tumble Track also.

Gymnast will work on improving strength, flexibility, and coordination as well as discipline and listening skills. We offer a fun, positive place that incorporates learning, building confidence all while educating our students about gymnastics.

All of our Recreational classes will be divided into appropriate groups. Gymnasts will be
introduced to all Olympic Events, and will learn basic movements on Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. Boys will learn these as well as P-bars, Rings and pommel. They will become familiar with gymnastics lingo, and terminology. These classes will be structured, fun and coaches may give homework to challenge your child to help with skill building.
Your gymnast must be tested and pass skills in order to move up to more challenging classes.
Intermediate I:
This is for Gymnasts that have had gymnastics experience and have completed our skills
testing. Gymnasts will work on more than just basic skills, they will learn more terminology, they will have some conditioning and flexibility added. We will make sure they have the skills needed to be successful in these classes. Gymnasts will learn more difficult skills for all apparatus, perfect previous skills learned and may be able to have longer class times. This is by Invite ONLY
Intermediate II:
This is a class for those gymnasts who have passed Beginner and Intermediate classes.
Gymnasts will learn intermediate to advanced skills and will be able to fully understand the mechanics and gymnastics terminology. They will work to improve strength an flexibility, as well as the skills on all apparatus. Gymnasts must be tested and recommended for this class. By Invite ONLY
For those gymnasts who have passed Intermediate 1&2. This class will teach
even more challenging skills and Tumbling. Gymnasts could move to Pre Team/Team after
completing this class. This is by INVITE ONLY.
Hot Shots:(Ages 3&4)
This is for younger gymnasts who are more advanced in skills but not ready or old enough for our Pre-Team. They will learn more advanced skills then our preschool age classes, and will have more structure in this class. This is by INVITE ONLY.
Tiny Team:(Ages 4-6)
For our gymnasts that are more advanced than our Hot Shots program but not ready for our Pre-Team. Gymnasts will have more technique required for this class. Gymnasts will learn skills as well as sharpen the skills they have so they are ready for our Pre Team and Team. They will do light conditioning to get their bodies ready for harder skills and to make sure the shaping is correct for the skills and drills that they will learn. This is by INVITE ONLY
Ninja Warrior:
Our NEW CLASS!!! This is a full energy, TV show based obstacle training class. Run, jump, swing, climb, balance, scale, and soar through the entire arena! There are varying degrees of difficulty in our obstacles that make this a must for kids AND adults of all ages. Moms and Dads can come out on the courses to help their children and be a part of the action—AND they can sign up to run the more difficult course options! There will also be safety certified instructors that can help and give tips on how to conquer some of the more challenging obstacles. This is Ludington’s ONE and ONLY real Ninja Warrior Gym!
Spyder Monkeyz:
These classes are high energy. Kids will learn Parkour style
jumping and tumbling as well as Ninja movements, hand eye coordination and fast twitch
muscles. We will also teach some gymnastics style tumbling and kids will also get some
conditioning and strength training and stretching. Kids will learn how to work together to achieve some skills as well as be challenged individually. Listening skills are VERY important as this is a more fast paced class and will need the kids to pay attention to direction and stay with their coach. If a child can not listen our coaches they may have them sit with a parent or may have to sit out of that rotation.

We REQUIRE kids in gym style clothing. Shorts, running pants, Fitted T-shirts.
There are NO buttons, Zippers or Jeans allowed. Gymnast can wear Leotards or tight fitting clothing for safety, and Bare Feet in order to help with grip. Please have clean feet.
We would like to keep our equipment and gym clean for all who use it.
All hair MUST be pulled back, and NO jewelry allowed.
**Please have your child bring a water bottle for any class. Please label it so your
child knows which one is their’s. We prefer not to have kids share waters, due to
spread of germs.**
Before Class:
Parents need to walk their child in and pick their child up. Please NO DROP OFF’S or
Pick Up’s in our parking Lot for your Child’s Safety.
Please help us keep your gymnast/Spyder Monkey/Ninja safe by having them wait in the
appropriate area(bleachers) for their coach to come and get them for their class. They are
NOT allow on ANY equipment before they start class. Please do NOT allow siblings/ children to wander or climb, or to play on any mats.This is for their safety and our
gymnasts safety.

There is NO horseplay at all in our waiting area. We know gymnasts/Spyder Monkey/Ninja are excited about class, and so are we, but to avoid any injury, gymnast need to wait with an adult, sitting in the waiting area until they are with their coach to practice any skills. Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before class. We understand if they need to go during class but this does take time away from them learning, and being part of the class.
ALL gymnast must learn safety skills on all apparatus.
**If a gymnast refuses to follow direction, and/or safety procedures, a coach may need to have them sit out for that skill or rotation. We allow 1-2 warnings before doing this. If a child continues to horseplay, or to NOT use safety skills, a coach can remove the child from the gym area, and a parent will be contacted.**

**We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for violent behavior, and in the case of a child being threatening to the coach or other students they will be removed immediately and from the class permanently.**
**If a child gets hurt during class, PLEASE DO NOT go on to the floor. Our staff is trained
and has safety guidelines we follow. If we feel a parent is needed at any time we will have
someone come and get you.**
We expect our gymnasts to be RESPECTFUL of our coaches, team or classmates and our
staff. We do not allow swearing, back talk or poor attitudes. Our Staff works hard to make
classes fun, so please make sure your children understand we offer a POSITIVE, FUN place, and expect our gymnasts to have fun and use manners and be respectful.
Sick Policy:
We follow the guidelines that our schools have for sickness. If your child has a Fever
48 hours before class, vomiting, rashes ect they CAN NOT attend. If your child has Pink Eye, bacterial infections or is contagious in any way they CAN NOT attend class. If your child has a constant cough, and or Drainage, please keep them home.
***If your child has LICE, they are NOT allowed back to the gym until they are TOTALLY Lice FREE!****
We try VERY hard to keep our gym clean and germ free and appreciate your help with keeping your child home if they are sick. Thank You!
Spectator/Parent Conduct:
Parents are NOT allowed on the Gym floor/ Equipment for any reason (for safety and
liability reasons) at any time. Please understand that our coaches are there to coach your child, and it is very distracting for our coaches as well as to all gymnasts if you are trying to coach your child from the parent viewing area or walking onto the floor during class. So please refrain from yelling, coaching or talking to your gymnast during their class time. If at any time this is not followed our coaching staff may ask a disruptive parent to leave. We would only do this for the safety of our gymnasts since they need full concentration when performing skills so they don’t get hurt.

Recreational classes are run by sessions. Most are 1 day per week for 55min. Most sessions
are 11weeks. Summer Sessions do run differently and can be 6 or 8 weeks since we know
Summer is a time families like to be together and don’t want to make 11 week commitments.
We do follow Ludington Area Schools Holidays, Breaks and Snow days.
Fun Meets/Show Off Meets:
All of our Rec and Team gymnasts will be invited to participant in our in house meets. During these meets we will be asking for parent participation to help with concessions, collecting door money or setting up and tearing down. If we don’t have parent Help, we may not be able to run these meets.
We will follow Ludington area school closings for Winter weather. We will also post any closings on Facebook and on our website and our “REMIND” texting system. These classes will not be made up or refunded.
If there are other closings(due to safety concerns, ect) beyond our control, missed classes will NOT be rescheduled, nor will a refund be given.
However, if we can schedule a time( Open Gym) that students can make these times up, we will do our best to accommodate it. Please understand we do our best for make ups, sometimes for weather related closings we are unable to make them up.
Sickness Make Up’s:
We allow 1 make up per session. It MUST be scheduled with the front desk 1 week before to assure there is room in another class for a make up. Please DO NOT show up for a make up with your child without scheduling it. We will not allow your child to participate with out scheduling it.
Payment is expected at the time of sign up for classes. We can not hold or save spots. We do offer Early Bird Registration for those that are ChalkHeadZ members. Please make sure to Register during this time since we do Open Registration for the Public also.
Full refunds will only be given before classes begin for that session. After classes begin NO full re-funds will be given. If there is a time when a gymnast can not participate for a lengthy period(sickness or injury) then a pro-rated refund for the remaining class amount can be given. This is at discretion of the owners. After 4 weeks of class if a child/family decides to drop we will NOT give a refund.
Private Lessons:
Wanting a little extra practice time to get a certain skill? Or just needing a little extra time to perfect a routine? Maybe you just want to have more time to work on your tumbling? Ask about our Private Gymnastics Lesson’s. We ONLY offer this to Gymnasts. Please call or stop in and schedule a time with the front office.
This is a class for gymnast who ONLY want to learn tumbling. You must have basic skills before this class is offered (round-off, handstand, back walk over). We will give instruction, drills and some spot for athletes to be able to get to their tumbling goals.
This class is for girls and boys, and for any age as long as requirements have been met.
Train Like A Gymnast:
We as adults all want a strong, muscular, gymnast body, RIGHT?!?! Well now is the time to come and workout like a gymnast. You will do Conditioning, Flexibility, and Strength Training during this class. Get ready to WORK! (This class will only be available if we have enough participants, so reserve your spot today!) Must be 16yrs or Older
Team Conditioning:
Do you want to do something different for your sports team to get into shape? Need ideas for your team to be able to build up and use different muscle groups or to build more endurance? Reserve a time for your team to come in and do our conditioning, and flexibility training. This is only offered by appointment, so please schedule ahead in order to get the times you want.
Open Gym/Parents Night Out:
We will offer days and times for a supervised, but non structured gym-time for your child to enjoy. This gives parents an opportunity to have time to catch up with dinner, or run a few errors with out the kids!!! Open gyms are usually 2 hours. These Open Gyms will be posted on our Facebook, as well as in our office. Please ask our office if you have any questions. Any children that want to participate MUST be 5years old.
Play Groups:
Do you need a place(especially in the winter) to let little ones run, play and be safe while getting energy out!?!? We will offer times during the month for an outing for you and your child(ren) to come and play, meet new friends and have fun. It is not a structured event, but lots of fun for kids to be able to play and fun for parents to be able to get together. Please make sure to call and Register for these PlayGroups.
Please ask us about hosting a Birthday Party for your gymnast, Spyder Monkey or Ninja! We have information upon request at our front desk.

****Waivers MUST be filled out by a Parent or Guardian Previously for any child or Adult to participate in any of these classes****

*****If a child comes to class without a waiver signed by a parent or guardian they WILL NOT be able to participate.*****

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